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This week, the Obama administration finally figured out how to get "young people" to sign up for healthcare, which they will need when their "whaling" goes terribly wrong. Both of these factoids would appear on the cover of this newspaper, where headlines are determined by social popularity over newsworthiness.

In the Netherlands, a new site, Blendle, aggregates news and lets users pay per article, rather than subscribe to just one outlet. The new app Banter is the Quora of 90s chat rooms. The secrets app Whisper, which already has advertisers like Hulu, is valued at $200million. And a new site Popcorn Time is streaming free movies. And, VICE on HBO premieres tonight.

Netflix is going international. This new travel site turns competitive searching into $$$. Going to London? Check out the smart sidewalks. Taking the bus? Use this new crowdsourced public transit app.

Meow Mix launched Catstarter to collect pet-based innovations to fund. Medium is allowing you to embed your posts elsewhere. Google introduced "add-ons" for their widely used Google Docs platform. They're testing an ad-targeting platform that sends mobile ads to people who visited the desktop .com of a brand.

Kids are still susceptible to advertising, with TV being the number one place to market to them. Facebook introduced 15 second auto-play video ads. And agencies are poaching fellow advertisers.

Out with the old (Google ditches underlined links) and in with the new (Scrabble is hosting an open call for a new word). Speaking of transformation, here's how to turn any animal into a 'cute' drawing, and here's Disney getting all EDM.

You can now find things in two's on twitter with multi-hash search. For instance, a bunch of (beautiful) strangers making out. And then a bunch of actual, normal strangers who copied them. In other imitation news, Joel McHales acted as Matthew Mcconaughey and so did Taran Killam. Speaking of celebs, Tinder now offers verified accounts for those seeking love in a very public manner.

You can also print nail stickers that mimic your favorite instagrams, and buy art based on your own DNA. And millennials can buy IKEA stuff made just for them (and their tiny houses).

Frank Cosplayer is superheroing small spaces, for Ikea. This NGO is using snapchat to save the environment. This subscription service is assuring you always have a condom. And Tesco is translating bloggers' recipes into grocery lists tailored to their stores.

Pandora is the leading music streaming site, with iTunes radio leading over Spotify. Apple is celebrating 30 years with a global film made via iPhones. #museumweek is linking museums across Europe to give Twitter unparalleled access to exhibits. Twitter is tracking your moods, so they'll know if you don't get artsy with them.

Also, before you get all first world problems about something, just take some advice from Shel Silverstein.