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The Super Bowl happened last weekend (#SPORTS!). Someone got 1.5 million from esurance, helping us all forget how uneventful (yet loaded with hashtags) the Super Bowl commercials were this year. Although, I have to give credit to Intuit for showing their support for small biz by airing a commercial for one, and half-credit to JCPenney for catching the attention of all the other brands on Twitter with their mitten fingers. Meanwhile, in Russia, KFC is letting diners create their next commercial for them, in-store.

The Olympics are here! Canada reminded everyone that the games have always been a "little bit gay." Google is showing their support. And journalists are having a luxurious time there. (Meanwhile Joe Biden likened LaGuardia airport to a third world country.) Oh ,and Team USA made this (lame) pin trading game to attract a younger audience.

This week, Facebook turned 10. To celebrate, they created video "lookbacks" for users, highlighted the top 10 stories made possible by their platform and released the Flipboard copycat Paper. Oh, and only 10% of their users update daily (but 15% comment on photos daily).

Tumblr rewrote their policies to have a little more sass. Pinterest released "interests," allowing you to search by your... wait for it... interests. And, it introduced recipe search, searchable by dietary restrictions (sorry lactards, nothing for you). Microsoft threw a pretty penny at Foursquare to get their locations. Twitter bought 900 IBM patents, and revealed that it makes money every time someone refreshes the timeline.

Apparently it's fashion week; Marc Jacobs opened a pop-up shop for the occasion where merchandise can only be purchased in tweets. Barney's is featuring transgender models in their Spring catalogue - the first fashion brand to do so. Julep, a beauty brand, has invited consumers to be a part of their R&D. And J&J is using scentvertising.

Secret launched, giving people a way to tell anonymous secrets - and revealed that Evernote is being acquired. And this ad-supported app will print your phone photos for free. (And Doge coins.)

People all over the US are exchanging homemade Valentine's, this guy hacked OK Cupid to find true love, and others are searching for the one with mood boards. Apple filed for a patent that would target ads based on mood. And Google and Samsung agree to share patents for 10 years to show the opposite of love to Apple.

Fun Fact: these songs have never been played on Spotify. And in productivity news: Flappy Bird.