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Meet NYC's most desired OKCupid prospects. The only thing more popular will be Taco Bell's new Waffle Taco. Holy House of Carbs, amiriiiight?

The newly acquired WhatsApp announced that it will be offering voice calls, while MovieFone is nixing their phone system and going digital. Other things that are going RIP: Facebook email, "Got Milk," and marketing emails (actually, Google is just making it way easier to unsubscribe without scrolling to the tiny text). Oh, and kids are trading toys for touch (screens).

Advertising got aggressive this week. Boxer Klitschko punched letters to create a font you can purchase on ebay for charity, and posters featuring gunpowder popped up. If that got you all riled up, check out this guided meditation.

In publishing: FWx launched for foodie millenials; 'Watch' magazine created a custom violin soundtrack for their online pub; ESPN launched 15 conference channels on Apple TV; Disney launched an app that lets you watch all of their movies; Amazon launched original programming with a single ad sponsor; And, Reddit is having a news vs. moderator crisis. (This social media lie detector - in development -could help them judge real time information against rumors and spam.) is is new online marketplace where you sell to people you're socially connected to or physically near. Free People is featuring real consumer pics on their site to show off merch. #saksinsix launched to give Viners beauty tutorials; which could come in handy for those using the new app TicketLeap that uses the ever-popular selfie to grant admission to events. Speaking of events, research shows that our tweets get shorter when we're live-tweeting.

Twitter/Vine integrations coming to movie screens. Resumes are turning into tumblr GIFs. McDonald's is on Snapchat. And there is now image recognition tech for Google Glass. Related: at London Fashion week, Top Shop invited fans to enjoy a virtual reality version of their show... wearing headgear way less fashionable than Glass.

Facebook made some of the best platform ads (not biased or anything), but they don't intend on running them. They're also moving into NYC, released "highlights" on mobile, and changed their news feed algorithm to increase brand visibility. Twitter also made changes for brand visibility ensuring that promoted accounts appear at the top of search results.

And in news of people we like: VICE news is opening up spots in beta (get one); Prolific launched Threadless' new iphone app, and Dash just got another round of funding in time for their app update. #carrotfamily