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You probably don't know anything in this week's Clicks because House of Cards debuted last Friday. Here's how Netflix handled that. If you live under a rock and celebrated Valentine's Day instead, maybe you saw Coke's for-couples-only vending machines. Speaking of which, Electrofunk band Chromeo revealed their latest album with a Craigslist missed connection post.

Cool shit this week: Vans launched a documentary-based campaign that celebrates its fans. Barbie wrote a sassy op-ed. Bolthouse Farms is highlighting (healthy) #foodporn. Someone finally deleted the "equal" button on the calculator. DHL pranked it's competitors with temperature-rigged boxes in a Trojan mailing stunt. Neilsen's Report on the US Digital Consumer was issued (ok, so maybe that's more 'nerdy cool').

Instagram widgets have proved to increase sales. Instagram is the newest flashmob location, according to Madewell. And, it's been scientifically proven that not all selfies are created equal. (And for a stretch... Linkedin has opened up long-form publishing to all users: word-selfies.)

Airlines are getting social, in-flight: KLM is offering social payments for customers. Virgin is customizing customer service in flight with Google Glass. (Let's hope the flight attendants aren't "Glassholes.") Speaking of Google, they say Plus isn't going anywhere and they're launching a contextually aware smartphone.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19billion, and here are things that don't cost that much. Banking startup Simple was acquired for $117M by BBVA. And Shazam has partnered with Warner Music Group to host their own record label.

Unicef turned phone detoxing into clean water. Everdayhero is mapping people's charitable efforts through their social posts. A new app allows you to leave anonymous, geotagged comments. Tumblr redesigned their logo. This design agency proposed a new look for Wiki. Apple is creating new headphones that allow for integrated fitness tracking.

Wearable technology? Nope; check out Coke's wearable cure for technology instead. Once you're wearing the cone, you won't be able to navigate the Bates Motel, upload your food pics (which over ⅓ of diners do), or participate in Heineken's new foursquare-based Champions League campaign. But, at least you can still drag and drop files with your eyes.

See you next week. Make sure to finish HOC; someone is bound to ruin it for you sooner than later.