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Olympics. We're all supposed to be obsessed with talking about it, but we aren't. Instead we've Shoshana'd the games, set them to 90's music and remixed them as movie scenes. The real competition is flat vs. realistic design.

We're pumped about Netflix's return of House of Cards and are celebrating with the co-branding genius that is HouseofCardsAgainstHumanity. An entire season of arguably the best show should help us get over the death of Flappy Bird.

Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who got mad when I said HOC was "the best" and insulted your precious Game of Thrones. To celebrate, this guy is picking up puppies and Pizza Hut is looking for true love on OkCupid. And, the Mile High Club has just been made easier to enter. No need for sky-high romance? Check out Virgin America's in-flight social network, powered by Linkedin.

Bonnaroo is coming to an xBox near you, which means you can shower now... and listen to the tunes - perhaps on these new, expertly-packaged waterproof headphones. Don't worry, you can still grow out that festival beard and ask, "Will it beard?"

Barbie is #unapologetic about her new Sports Illustrated cover. And Getty + LeanIn have partnered to create empowering stock photography (and just generally less lame photos).

Caribou Coffee installed a five-story tall Pinterest board for their #CaribouInspires campaign. Target is creating collections based off of top pinners. At New York Fashion Week, Zac Posen matched Spotify playlists with each of his looks, and Tommy Hilfiger launched a social, press concierge for runway resources.

Google has partnered with ComScore for measurement. Disney + Google Play have partnered for a short film. Google's DevArt project highlights those using code to create IRL. has called devs to improve their offering using their API. And Github launched an education portal to encourage universities to collaborate on code.

Nokia announced the launch of their first Android phone. Amazon launched "Flow," which recognizes objects in real life and finds them on the ecommerce platform for purchase. Meanwhile, Taco Bell introduced mobile ordering.

We learned that users prefer to authorize applications with Facebook. Instagram published a book full of tips for businesses, and a blog for them too ...on tumblr. And then Shia LaBeouf confused everyone all over again by being sorry (and artsy).

Oh and Comcast is buying Time Warner, which affects ads. Twitter and Yelp! redesigned. And Yahoo is going to display Yelp! reviews to help increase search traffic.

Stay warm, maybe dabble in some writing and Hemingway that ish, and embrace frostvertising.