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Today is a red-letter day for Apple fans; not only are we finally getting our hands on the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but VICE News for iOS is now available in the App Store! The new app for VICE News was designed and built by Carrot to exploit the slew of new features available in iOS 8.

iOS 7 introduced iPhone and iPad users to “Today,” a tab in the Notification Center comprised of widgets; in iOS 8, this useful screen is extensible. VICE News for iOS 8 includes a widget that lets users browse current headlines with a mere finger swipe. To add the widget, simply open the Notification Center by pulling down from the top of your screen, tapping the “Today” tab, tapping “Edit,” and adding the “VICE News” option. Also, rest assured, with background updates, the latest headlines will always be at your fingertips.


We’re also excited to include Handoff support in VICE News for iOS. With Handoff, users can seamlessly read VICE News between their iOS and Mac devices. Let’s say you’ve spotted a must-read article while visiting VICE News in your Mac’s Safari browser; with Handoff and VICE News for iOS, simply tapping a button on your iPhone renders the article within the app. To kick it up a notch, we also smartly cache articles to your phone so that reading them is not dependent on signal strength. Subway riders, rejoice!


A few Carrots here are adorned with small paws – specifically, Bruno and Adam, whose hands we liken to a puppy’s. For many of us, the iPhone 6 Plus is simply too much phone. On the other hand (literally), some of us are like Chris with mitts so big, he has to carefully eat a hot dog, lest he lose a digit. Thankfully, VICE News for iOS makes use of Apple’s Auto Layout system to ensure support for every screen shape and resolution. No matter the size or orientation of your phone, your VICE News experience will not be mitigated.


VICE News for iOS also exploits some of Apple’s native accessibility features. Simply alter your iPhone’s system-wide settings to employ tools such as VoiceOver and Adaptive Text; the VICE iOS app responds to these choices seamlessly.

So while you’re neurotically tapping away on your shiny new phone and meticulously ordering the apps on your homescreen, download the VICE News app and devour the hardest-hitting journalism in the App Store.