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Almost three decades after Tron first dazzled audiences with its innovative visuals, Disney released Tron: Legacy, its long awaited sequel.

A couple of months ago, Disney Publishing came to us and asked us to be a part of their storybook campaign. The Tron: Legacy: The Junior Novel retells the movie plot, but ends with a cliffhanger and "fatal system error." Readers were left with a QR code and URL leading them to

Carrot stepped in to develop the mobile site. When users scanned the QR code, they were taken to a page with a Tron-voiced message indicating that the final chapters would be "derezzed" on December 17th, Tron: Legacy's theatrical release date.

Last week, we launched the final, missing chapter of the storybook. As always,we're honored to have worked with Disney on yet another great project.

Check out the mobile-optimized site at