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We are incredibly proud to announce that we have won a Webby this year - an award that stands for "Excellence in Internet" - for our work with The Nature Conservancy on the #SaveElephants campaign. A cross-discipline team of talented Carrots had the opportunity to work on a cause that we believe in, and we are excited to see such hard work, and a fantastic initiative, get such positive recognition. It's an honor, because it matters.

In Carrot Creative's 10 years, we have been fortunate to enjoy opportunities that other companies might only dream of. First as a "web design company," then as a "social media agency," and now as VICE's Digital Agency, Carrot has consistently worked with amazing brands and built some truly cool projects over the years ... and that is not an accident. As a guiding principle, we work on things that excite us. We pursue brands that we love as consumers and that resonate with our passions. It's important to feel connected to the work that we do. At Carrot, our excitement provides our why, and for many of us here the #SaveElephants campaign hit our passion point. There was no question of if we would take the project on or not - it was a question of who would be lucky enough to work on it.


The Nature Conservancy is an organization that I have personally supported for years. As a young, struggling entrepreneur I donated (a very modest amount) when pb&j was about the only thing within my food budget would allow for. Nowadays I contribute more because TNC's efforts across this little blue planet we call home are important. My wife and I are expecting a baby in October, and I desperately want my little girl to grow up always knowing the luxury of clean water, the brilliance of blue skies and the wonder of intelligent and fascinating creatures like elephants. This #SaveElephants campaign allows us to help raise awareness about their plummeting numbers. The more people who know about the issues of ivory trade and the sometimes desperate humans who share living space with elephants, the quicker we can end poaching and help provide alternate means of income to communities in need. If we stop the cause, we prevent the effect, and future generations will know of elephants as living beings that still share the world with.


It's a thrill to have worked on a project like this; but really impressive that the peoples of the internet have not only agreed with the value of this initiative, but that they enjoyed the narrative, design and experience of our #SaveElephants site enough to vote it Webby-worthy. So, thank you for that, and I hope this award will continue to spread awareness and encourage participation enough to make a difference.