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We have a new client to announce here at Carrot Creative. A client that is as passionate about what he does with his own work as we are with ours. A client that knows how to push boundaries and test limits without question. Sounds like a dream client right?

This mystery client is Tucker Max. We'll be building a fully integrated website and digital strategy for his upcoming feature film, "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" based off of the New York Times Bestseller book of the same name.

We had an awesome time meeting Tucker in person earlier this week for a private screening of the movie (if you like his stories you're going to love it) and to discuss ideas as to what will really light it up. The great thing is that Tucker is as open and excited about our ideas as we are and isn't afraid to push the limits to what we can do. When you have that kind of trust from a client, it's always refreshing and makes our entire team want to start immediately.

The movie opens September 25th nationwide so the website will be up prior to that. We'll keep you updated on the launch of the project and other cool promotional tie-ins Tucker has up his sleeve to get this going.Trust me, they're going to catch your attention.

On a side note, if you know the history of Tucker Max (and you can check out his website or book if you want to really dive in) you can tell that he knows how to push boundaries and step on toes. While we here at Carrot have many clients interested in getting into social media, some aren't willing to jump over the big walls and try things that may be a little risqué for the current status quo. Sure, this is totally fine, but if you take a look at the campaigns that really take off, it's from the companies that push limits and make a loud statement. This is the exact reason why we chose to work with Tucker Max. He embodies all of this and we're going to build a kick ass website and digital campaign to match all of these ideals.

Tucker Max wants a campaign that will excite everyone and stir some conversation. Carrot Creative is here to help with that.