The Carrot Blog

Everyone has a favorite superhero they relate to. Some idolize the agility of Spiderman, while others prefer the quiet wisdom of Yoda.

Yet the ones that we can relate to the most are the ones that are usually the most overlooked: the ones in our schools and classrooms. Teachers have a lot of impact on how each of us view the world. They are, in fact, some of the most respected and trusted individuals in our community. However, with increasing challenges, such as growing classroom sizes and dramatic budget cuts, the already herculean task of teaching today's students is becoming more difficult. Teachers truly are performing superhuman actions everyday and aren't getting the admiring fans they deserve.

Enter Team Super Carrots! The National Education Association, the largest union in the United States, asked us to come up with a way to show educators how much they are appreciated and remind people how much they look up to their classroom superheroes. Carrot Creative designed and developed, a website that allows parents, students, and the community to nominate a special hero and give them support by sharing stories, posting videos, and giving words of encouragement. Teachers, in turn, can tell their own teaching stories and show off their unique superpowers and badges like excellent communication with parents or purchasing supplies with personal income.

In addition, Carrot created a short introductory video that explains the plight of educators in a way we can all understand: with custom action-packed animation and illustration! It was a Carrot first that helps communicate how much educators deal with in today's classrooms.

So remember that lyrical geography teacher who had songs to help you recall state Capitols? Or the math teacher that stay after class to help you crack the quadratic equation? Maybe it's time to say thank you and tell them that they are your favorite classroom superhero.