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Each week the Carrot crew comes across a few articles that are worth more than just retweeting. Internally, we find, share, and discuss them. We strategize around the latest news and develop the best ways to positively impact the interwebs as we know it. Below you'll find a list of news stories and breakthroughs we thought were important, monumental, surprising, and thought provoking.

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live TIME's cover story on Twitter by Stephen Johnson, a must-read.

[10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business](,28804,1901188_1901207,00.html)** This slide show takes us through 10 ways using Twitter might become profitable for businesses. Hyper-local marketing, consumer data mining, and micropayments are a few of the topics covered.

Twitter craze is rapidly changing the face of sports presents an in-depth look at athletes who tweet and how Twitter is having a big impact on sports.

Apps Boom as Companies Seek a Place on Your Phone More and more companies are setting their sights on the mobile industry for sustained revenue, and this gives developers a chance to not only just sell their apps in the App Store, but also sell their company. This NYTimes article by Jenna Wortham discusses the opportunity on the table.