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Back in July Carrot Creative launched a tab for the Ford Explorer Facebook page. A few months later, AdAge named Ford " Marketer of the Year" – that was awesome. So when Team Detroit called us back for another project we danced in a circle, did some push ups to burn off some of the excitement then picked up the phone to hear about the next big project.

What exactly are we working on? The 2012 V6 Mustang. An absolute classic, revamped. So revamped that Ford decided the V6 package needed a name of its own. The awesome part? Ford is letting their fans choose the name through the Carrot designed Facebook application, "You Name It," that lives in a tab on the Ford Mustang fan page. Users of the application get to review V6's features and then post their own idea. Plus, in the true Carrot spirit of sharing, you can share your post with your friend via your wall. What a great way to illicit votes, right?

Posting opened on Friday, November 19 and exceeded 1,000 submissions by Monday afternoon (we're up to over 3,000 today). There is even one submission by an unruly Carrot employee (see if you can find him)! Users will not only have the chance to submit their own name for the car, but also vote for their favorites from December 3rd, until December 15th. The winner will be announced on the 16th, after voting closes. The really-awesome part? The winner receives a 2-year lease of a 2012 V6 Ford Mustang! Carrot employees are not eligible to win the contest (good for the contestants in light of our recent winning-spree) but, that hasn't stopped us from dreaming of how we would use our 2-year lease:

@KaitVillanova: I would drive across country and then take a slow and scenic drive from British Columbia down to Mexico .....since, well, I DO love vacation. @Jennifer: I would join Kaitlin! Girl's roadtrip! @robgaafar: What else? I would drive it. @fromatok: I would cruise around in my hot new car and pick up chicks!

Hmmm, hopefully Adam's girlfriend doesn't read the Carrot Blog... How would you use your 2-year lease?