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We're sending out a call for developers. And this isn't some mamby-pamby "after a month of fooling around we'll maybe get back to you" kind of call...this is a "we are going to hire you within two weeks" type of deal.

Sick of slugging away at your job? Want to work with fun people, a french bulldog and a voice-activated R2D2? How about tackling brands like Disney, Ford and the NFL? Come join a tech team of hilarious, wicked smart people.


Developer / Engineer / Hacker

If your idea of fun is hacking on API's and learning a new programming language then this is the job for you. Carrot Creative is looking for a Web Developer to add to the team. Your tasks will include:

  • Never getting anyone coffee
  • No monotonous data-entry
  • Contributing equally to an already talented staff
  • Challenging yourself
  • Importing / Exporting

Job Requirements:

A strong understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and MVC paradigms. Applicant should be cross-functional, comfortable with server-side and client-side work. Candidate should also have experience with interacting with third-party API's and web-services. Demonstrated familiarity and application of open-source tools is a major plus.

We are primarily a PHP shop, so competency is vital, but we also allow for any additional language of choice as long as Applicant is properly skilled.

Technologies we use (experience beneficial):

  • Git
  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and node.js
  • AWS, EC2
  • Unix
  • mySQL, MongoDB
  • WordPress, Buddypress, Zend Framework, Expression Engine, and Code Ignitor
  • Oxford Commas

And for our third and final list, I will include some items that would really help your chances!

  • Outgoing personality
  • Must be willing to be Carrot branded with their Twitter account
  • Photoshop experience
  • Existing open-source contributions
  • A sharp haircut
  • The ability to do a flawless moonwalk

Please send resumes, portfolio/work (and preferably not malicious code) to:

If you REALLY want to impress us, play the games at (you'll get major bonus points, as well as give you an opportunity to snapshot your personality, instead of just a bunch of words).

Bonus points for including your Git Hub url along with your resume.