The Carrot Blog

We are incredibly excited and honored to announce that Carrot has been named by Crain's New York as one of the Best Places to Work for the second year in a row.


2015 has been a landmark year for us here at Carrot. We won a Webby for a great cause, we broke all the rules to create the first-ever Instagram game: Rickstaverse and launched our new VR department, Carrot VR, in partnership with Jaunt VR. Also, we've continued to work with incredible brands such as: Target, Ferrari, Unilever, and even The New York Yankees, as we celebrated our 10th year of adventure together as a company.

Although we’re honored by all of the amazing awards and recognition we’ve received this year, the award we’re still most proud to receive has to be Crain’s Best Places to Work, because this award recognizes what continues to be most important to us: our people.

In 2005, when Chris and Mike started Carrot they defined Carrot by Hustle. Team. Adventure. Although it’s listed second, the most important thing to them has always been “Team”. So in 2015, the team defined what Carrot means to them.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make Carrot the special, unique place that it is today.