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What's on Chili's menu? Not just Baby Back Ribs, but a few slices of @ carrotcreative (with BBQ sauce)!

On Monday Chili's released a new 2 for $20 sweepstakes on Facebook called Spin 2 Win. For those unfortunate few that have never enjoyed a tender baby back rib from this fine establishment, Chili's boasts quite the deal of an appetizer plus 2 full sized entrees for just $20. Better yet, with the new Spin 2 Win application that Carrot produced, you can now enter for a chance to win a $20 gift card to Chili's – making that feast virtually free! The only problem is you have to go to the home state of @ mikegermano and @fromatok to get there, the closest one to the city is 3 2nd St, Jersey City, NJ.

The application takes a new approach to the pick-a-friend sweepstakes we so commonly see on Facebook. Instead of you picking who you want to go with (and attempting to avoid those awkward conversations with your friends that you didn't pick), Spin 2 Win will leave your dinner guest to a game of chance. Take a spin through a Vegas-style slot machine of your friends, pulling the lever and watching the reel roll before locking on a randomly selected Facebook friend. Don't like your odds? Spin again and hope for a better payout. In this game the odds aren't stacked in the house's favor: you've got nothing to lose, only 20 clams to win! Just think how many Awesome Blomssoms $20 can buy!

We're totally pumped to work with such great brand like Chili's and this makes our decision for where to have the next Carrot team dinner waaay easier. So, if you're a fan of Chili's or want to give their pepper a bite, take a minute to play Spin 2 Win and maybe you'll win you and your friend a meal fit for kings!

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