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Tomorrow marks Carrot Creative's fourth annual White Elephant tradition, but for shits and giggles, I randomly assigned Secret Santas to the Crew and asked them what they'd hypothetically give their fellow Carrot in a gift exchange. Here's what they came up with:

Mike would give Steve "a Hoop Fever arcade game because Steve is ON FIRE."

Steve would get Analee "1.75L of Gran Patrón Platinum Silver tequila because we all know how much she loves the holiday spirit."

Tony would get Bridget "a Bio-Dome because I know how cold it gets upstate! Actually, I'd get Bridget a NYC MetroCard because she should be living here with the rest of the Carrots!"

Tom would get Chris "an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle because it's the perfect Christmas gift."

Kaitlin would get Mike Pratt "a private Jet so he can fly in for Monday morning meetings rather than dial in via Skype!"

[Kyle]( would get Tom "a cot for the office because if he worked any harder, then he'd need to be sleeping at the office."

Bridget would get Bobby "a fully working fire hydrant for Christmas, so he can keep putting out them office fires! That or he can use it to start an office pond—good feng shui."

Rianna would get Kyle "gold Mr. T pants—" "What? Mr. T pants? I think you mean MC Hammer pants." "Whatever. I'd buy Kyle gold MC Hammer pants because he's the only man I've ever met that could pull them off."

Analee would get Billy "a couple song tickets at Chorus Karaoke Bar in K-town because I want to see him belt his little ginger heart out."

Adam would get Kaitlin "the Home Alone 2 Talk boy Talk Girl tape recorder for Christmas because we would be able to capture all of the hilarious comments/statements that come out of her mouth throughout the course of the day."

Mike Pratt would get Tony "a K-Tel Ponytail kit so he could be both corporate or cool, depending on the situation."

Jen would get Adam "a puppy of his own because my Boston Terrier seriously loves him."

Bobby would get Rianna "a Zipcar to make her search for Chipotle burritos and cases of Four Loko a little easier."

Billy would get Mike "horse blinders. Then maybe he'll pay attention to me for more than 5 seconds!"

Chris would get Jen "a giant, rolling high-heel to sling around the office in (rad) style."

We hope you get everything on your list this year. Happy Holidays, everyone!