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Chris and I founded Carrot with a simple idea: help brands navigate new technologies and platforms to connect with consumers. We did it by pushing the envelope and doing innovative firsts; all while having fun along the way.

Today marks another chapter reaffirming that founding principle. Carrot is proud to announce the launch of its Virtual Reality division, Carrot VR, and a creative partnership with Jaunt VR, all with the goal of helping major brands connect with consumers through fully immersive, cinematic virtual reality experiences.

Virtual Reality is back and better than ever. No longer is it avatars in a virtual world with laughable graphics. Rather it is fully immersive, with images and rendering so technologically advanced that it makes it feel real. VR is by far the most engaging and immersive media yet invented, so our canvas is bigger than ever.

Whether it was launching the Ford Explorer on Facebook or turning Instagram into a game with Adult Swim's Rick and Morty's Rickstaverse, Carrot's penchant for firsts continues with this launch.

Last week Carrot celebrated its 10 year anniversary. As Chris and I soaked in all that our company had transformed into, from a few people in a basement to over 100 employees in our Brooklyn World HQ alone, naturally my mind progressed to what Carrot would look like 10 years from now.

While that dream might be impossible to predict, we are incredibly excited that virtual reality will be a major part of it.


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