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Imagine a series of gridded laser lights projected ahead of you, flying past your head with a series of beeps and zaps. A voice pounds in your ear, coarse and determined: "The year is 2013, computers communicate via Application Programming Interface protocols. It is with these API protocols that all information on the internet is transmitted and shared."

17 years ago, that's how I would have introduced Carrot's new API (and the video would have been available on VHS). Today, I'll just be using a blog post:

Carrot developers aren't strangers to working with apps and data. So, when it came to creating something for Carrot, it only made sense that we convert our properties to run off a dynamic database of all things Carrot. We work daily with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more APIs; the next logical step was to build our own. Our API not only powers content for our (new site)[], but will scale with our growth and provide back-end support for all of our future Carrot endeavors. The API is semi-RESTful with a custom OAuth-ish login, built from scratch by our team. It verifies Carrots with their Facebook profile, streamlining the process and more easily enabling all our staff to stay connected with each other. Besides providing us with some fun and helpful endpoints, it also helps with the onboarding of new Carrots, tracking the internal structure of Carrot, and acts as a platform for testing and launching new ideas.

The development of the API was a fun endeavor and we taught ourselves a lot about building a truly scalable application. Once the core framework was in place, we often found it already meeting our growing needs with little to no updates from us. It's a rewarding experience when a specific need pops up and the API already has an endpoint ready to provide the exact data.

We'll be building out the API through the next few years and we already have plans for some awesome apps that will be running off its data. I also plan to write up some documentation for its use, and can't wait to see what our future developers will be able to do with all the information about the company at their fingertips.

We're done here.

Here's a sneak peek at what we can see on our end:

Alt text

Alt text