The Carrot Blog

We're honored to announce that Carrot has been named by Crain's New York as one of 2014's Best Places to Work.


We always tell brands that their why is greater than their what. We got into business without knowing we would one day be building digital campaigns for leading brands (our what). However, we did know our why: we set out to create a company full of ambitious, imaginative people in search of adventure.

This is the one award we've always wanted, because it's a testament to what matters most to us: our people. The founders have invested in the Carrot family most, of anything, since day one. This emphasis on team is why people come here to work, why clients love to stay, and why the internet loves what we share. Hence our everlasting mantra: Hustle. Team. Adventure.

So why did we make the list? Sure, we have "perks" (keg, dogs in office, yoga and snacks), but Carrot is truly a great place to work because our experience is refreshingly different. Everyone has a stake in our culture, with funded, varied committees. We dine like a family at the local pizzeria, which our founders partly own. We enjoy picturesque views of the Manhattan skyline during meetings, and at parties and concerts on our deck. Then, there's the "Carrot-perks," like a custom handbook app on your new iPad, CSA deliveries, a corporate apartment for Mom and Dad's visits, and baked goods on baked goods on baked goods.

What makes this honor really special, is that it's not just the industry's stamp of approval on our company. Crain's determines which companies make their esteemed list through a thorough vetting process that includes interviews with every employee.

It just goes to show that baked goods and our annual TOATEMS (it's a secret!) really do pay off...

Thanks to everyone who got Carrot to where it is today and to those that will one day join in on our adventure.