The Carrot Blog

Back in September, I was invited to speak to a former Carrot's class at Syracuse University. We all know I never miss an opportunity to speak about Carrot Creative, inspire young, impressionable minds, and comb for talent, so I hopped on a prop plane bound for 'Cuse.

I was ecstatic to find that the students seemed to really get what I was saying. Carrot Creative has worked hard to create the kind of culture we boast today. We manage this through very careful hiring practices. We bring in the best, brightest, and coolest in all of our departments. These were the kids (the best, brightest, and coolest) that I was really reaching out to: those who understand what I'm saying because I've been through what they are experiencing now.

When asked to give a lecture I tried to give one that these students don't normally hear. I remember when I was in high school and college and all my teachers were constantly trying to get me to follow the rules and "do" things like everyone else. Yet, I personally contribute all my success to the times I ignored the rules or did the opposite of what I was expected to do. But, it is hard to tell college students that doing the opposite of what everyone tells you is a good strategy. They are either programmed to avoid that or take it to the extreme and act like a fool.

When I gave my lecture "Ignore Rules: How I started a Business" I was hoping not to reach all the students packed in the lecture hall, but reach out to the ones who needed to hear that it is ok. I spoke very passionately about the topic because I believe some of the smartest kids out there are not achieving success because they feel they have to follow another person's path. Clearly, going out on your own, finding new ground, and sometimes getting in trouble is not easy but most of the time it is rewarding.

We're glad that our mission and model still resonate with upcoming pools of talent. In fact, Carrot resonated with the Syracuse group so well that they created a designer tribute for Carrot Creative. We were blown away by their reaction to my visit.

This is the kind of dedication and passion I like to see! It reminds me of the real reasons we got into this biz in the first place: to create something amazing and memorable. No doubt these kids are super talented and definitely have a bright future. I mean, recognizing a great company is half the battle, right?