We've been a Facebook preferred marketing developer since 2009.
Carrot Creative is a Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) for Facebook, specializing in building apps on the platform. As a PMD, we offer unique capabilities that help brands achieve their goals by extending beyond the functionality of Facebook's native tools.
Tumblr has announced their A-List partners, and we're one of them!
As an A-List Partner with Tumblr, Carrot - along with a short list of other agencies, theme specialists and technology providers - has access to unparalleled resources such as access to Tumblr's API team and Firehose of data, to share with our clients.
We're honored to be a certified developer for this professional platform.
On a short list of trusted developers, Carrot Creative is first to hear of new products and trained in-depth to offer custom marketing solutions and campaigns that grow engagement for brands using the LinkedIn platform.