School of Guac

School of Guac

We created a first-of-its-kind variety show on Snapchat inspired by traditional TV as a weekly, episodic series.

The Episodes

The premiere season ran for 11 episodes, including a Halloween special, on-the-ground Election Day coverage, and other cultural milestones, such as Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Each episode was teased and promoted on our social channels with trailers, cutdowns and even re-runs. Watch a few episodes below.

Behind the Scenes

Snapchat only allows for direct upload—filming inside the Snapchat app and individually uploading consecutive snaps directly to the channel. The use of uploading through third party apps is strictly prohibited by the platform. In order to achieve our TV-like quality, we innovated the filming process specifically for Snapchat. We invented a proprietary rig that allowed us to upload each 10 second snap from previously produced footage.
The pilot season of School of Guac ran from September 27 through November 29, totaling 11 episodes and 126 individual snaps. You could say there was a lot to taco 'bout.
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