The three stripes take the Big Apple

The three stripes take the Big Apple

Turning New York City into Adidas' playground through the lens of street photographers who know the city best.

NBA All Star Weekend & NYC Fashion Week

2015 would have NYFW and NBA All-Star weekend intersecting in the Big Apple. Which is why Adidas came to us with a clear charge: take over New York City. They were launching more than 15 new products that week—including the hotly anticipated Yeezy line—and needed to elevate the brand in a culturally relevant way. So we called up some our favorite New York photographers and hit the streets (and rooves).

Yeezy does it for the kids

Amongst the many new sneaker lines and dozens of unique colorways we would go on to launch that week, there was one major stand-out: The Yeezy Boost 750, which marked the launch of the biggest and most talked about sneaker partnership since Jordan and Nike. So we made it extra special for a few fans.
  • Bringing shoes out to fans

  • Surprising kids at pop-up

  • Spreading the BK love

Real-time; for real

It was 7 grueling days. Photography was shot, in post-production, through client approval, and published across Adidas' many global channels all in the same day, every day. Didn't matter if we were dangling sneakers over the Brooklyn Bridge, hanging off the edges of terrifyingly tall water towers, or just hanging out with Pharell and his baes– the world watched as Adidas took over New York, all shot through the filter of the New York hustle.

Controlling the conversation from the Five Boroughs and beyond

Throughout the big week, Adidas had greater share of voice than Nike, Foot Locker, and Taco Bell combined - the three largest sponsors of NBA All-Star Weekend.
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